Here's What We've Been Up To!

February, 2017

Here's What We've Been Up To!

August, 2017

Conservation in Our Community

TBC has had a very busy summer! In the last month, not only have we added two new dynamic members to our esteemed Board of Directors, but we have officially quadrupled the acreage under our stewardship with the addition of eleven conservation easement areas. Through our collaboration with NKU Research Foundation, we were able to acquire these easements. With the help of other community partners including Boone Co. Conservation District, Boone Co. Parks, and Boone Co. Fiscal Court, TBC will now monitor and steward more than 800 acres of natural land in Boone County. This is an exciting time of growth for us, but also a time to remain focused on our mission, continue to expand our influence, and be the best stewards of conservation land that we can be!

Of course, it hasn’t been all business this summer. We’ve had a lot of fun too! In June, we volunteered at Boone Co. Conservation District’s Conservation Kids Camp, assisting with crafts (and shenanigans) all week. Despite the intermittent rain showers, the kids thoroughly enjoyed nature activities and just spending time outdoors…mud included! Then in July, we had the pleasure of hosting our very own nature program at Boone County Public Library’s Family Nature Day in Boone Woods Park. As families approached TBC’s booth, they were provided a map for a nature scavenger hunt in the woods and also had fun recreating animal prints in our mini sandbox! Seeing children and families enjoy perfect weather and a day in the park certainly re-energized us, and reminded us of the importance of conservation in all of our lives!

Dear Friend,

Contributors and citizens like you have helped The Boone Conservancy continue protecting the natural landscapes of Boone County, as well as creating natural areas that are crucial to our community’s health and quality of life. With your help in the last year alone, we have served Boone County and expanded our organization by:

•   positioning our organization for the future acceptance and stewardship of new acreage

•   planning and sponsoring the 2016 Northern Kentucky Conservancy Luncheon, featuring KY Energy and Environment Cabinet Secretary Charles Snavely, an event that brought regional conservancies, government officials, board members, local leaders, and conservation professionals together to discuss current issues and successes in conservation

•   sponsoring Reforest NKY 2016— a tree-planting initiative that has planted native woodland trees on over 36 acres of land since 2007—350 volunteers planted1,500 trees at England-Idlewild Park in one morning!

•   strategically removing invasive plant species on the 200 acres of land under our protection

As the only non-profit in Boone County enabled to accept land and easements for protection in perpetuity, we have a big commitment to our community. We are committed to protecting natural landscapes, creating natural spaces for passive  recreation and connecting with nature, encouraging and creating opportunities for outdoor education, and balancing conservation with residential and business growth. For TBC to continue its mission and this important work, we ask for your support and assistance.  It’s easy to get involved and contribute to TBC’s success:

•   Make a financial contribution to The Boone Conservancy. It's simple! Just click the yellow "donate" button in the website header.

•   “Like” us on Facebook or “follow” us on Twitter for updates and volunteer opportunities

•   There are open positions available on our volunteer Board of Directors and Advisory Committee. Contact us for more information!

Thank you for your continuing support.


Mary Unterreiner

Executive Director

We are wrapping up the summer months with the Boone County 4-H & Utopia Fair, spreading our mission and talking with our people; swapping stories, sharing concerns, educating one another…a week of speaking with our community is truly one of the most influential weeks of the year! Thanks to all who have stopped by our booth!

It has been an incredibly active summer, but we aren’t slowing down any time soon! We are currently planning a public event scheduled for October 21! Conservancy Park After Dark will be an all-ages nighttime event at TBC’s Conservancy Park in Belleview Bottoms. Visitors will have the exclusive opportunity to enter the park after it technically closes and take part in night fishing, stargazing, nature programming, lantern-walking, and s’mores-noshing. More details will be posted as they become available, but go ahead and mark your calendars!

If this summer is any indication of things to come, we’re looking forward to a great event and a productive year’s end!

Here's What We've Been Up To!

October, 2017

Conservancy Park After Dark

On Saturday, October 21, TBC hosted Conservancy Park After Dark with Boone County Parks and Recreation at the 45-acre Conservancy Park in Belleview! The after-park-hours event kicked off with fly fishing demonstrations by the Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers, during which participants were able to learn and practice their new skill on Conservancy Park Lake. The park's main shelter and front field hosted the majority of the night's activities, including stargazing with the Cincinnati Observatory Center. It was a cloudy night, but they were able to get a clear view of Saturn for everyone to see! Critters in the Classroom, a program by BIOSE ( a science education organization), brought some live owls to enjoy the night with us! Attendees learned about the lives and habitats of different raptors and got to meet a few themselves! We ended the night with a spooky lantern hike through Dinsmore Woods up to the Dinsmore Homestead Cemetery! 

A special thanks to the organizations and individuals who hosted programs at Conservancy Park After Dark and made the night so spectacular!  And of course, THANK YOU to all who came out to share the evening with us and support conservation in our community!

Here's What We've Been Up To!

December, 2017

Dear Friend,

As The Boone Conservancy looks back on a successful year, we must give credit to donors like you; those who support us and make successful land conservation possible! Life-long nature lovers, long-time Boone County residents, and friends of TBC, Cindy and Woody Schuster understand the importance of supporting conservation. The Schusters moved to Boone County in 1991 and were surprised to see how quickly development was spreading into the countryside. Determined to live a life as “green as green was,” they attended environmental meetings, tested their water, and consistently combatted litter. With so much work to be done, they were happy to meet like-minded people along their journey, some of which, had plans to start an organization intended to help save and preserve the greenspace that the Schusters cared for so much! The Boone Conservancy and land conservation remain important to the Schusters because “if you don’t take care of the land and water now, there will be nothing to save!”

“We love The Boone Conservancy and the programs you have been doing, which we feel help bring Nature to the people! This is why we donate, to help your group continue to educate the community and preserve the land and creatures around us!”
-Cindy Schuster, Boone County Resident & TBC Donor

We are fortunate to know the Schusters and other individuals in Boone County, who share our values, love the land, and who make land conservation a priority. Like us, these people understand that the protection of natural resources ensures the health and well-being of our own families and community. For our mutual well-being, The Boone Conservancy continues to aim to protect the land and natural resources that contribute to the character and beauty of Boone County, and also to promote balance with the ever-growing development and residential growth that equally characterizes our booming community.

In 2017, our donors helped us make great strides toward this goal. The Boone Conservancy has proudly quadrupled the acreage of natural and recreational lands and streams within our stewardship. We are now stewards to over 800 acres, and with the recent addition of 11 conservation easements, TBC now monitors the protection of the federally endangered Running Buffalo Clover and is working to strengthen the habitats of the threatened Monarch Butterfly. As always, we are continuing to eradicate our lands of damaging non-native invasive species such as Bush Honeysuckle, and replant native species to support our fragile ecosystem. It is our mission to

continue this work forever, but that is not possible without the help of donors who share our love for the natural beauty of Boone County and who understand the urgent need to protect our natural resources not just for today, but for our future.
The continued acquisition of land and our promise to protect it forever may seem ambitious. In many ways, it is. With your help, however, it is attainable, and we can continue the successes of 2017 for years to come. Your kind donation of time or money, in any amount, will contribute more than you might think possible!

• Your time is the most valuable contribution you can make. During a single three-hour volunteer program, we can remove more than a ½ acre of Bush Honeysuckle! Contact us if you are interested in volunteering.
• Donating at the Student or Introductory level ($15-25) could fund the purchase and planting of a single tree or acres of native grass seed.
• Become a Supporting level donor ($50), and your contribution could fund at least a ½ acre of non-native invasive species removal.
• If you become a Sustainer, your $250 donation is enough to fund a nature program on one of our properties, thus truly sustaining our organization through community engagement and education!
• You can call yourself a true steward at the Steward level: your $500 donation would cover the annual stewardship costs of one of our conservation easements!
• Donate today using the Paypal link in the header of our website, or by mailed check made out to "The Boone Conservancy."

As the primary non-profit land trust in the county, we’ve made a promise to continuously strive to preserve the character and ensure the future of Boone County through land conservation. But we can’t do it without your help. We must work together to promote and protect the natural lands we love because with them, we’re all better off. I agree with our friend Mrs. Schuster, who believes this Native American proverb says it best: “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Donate today and invest in the well-being of your community, your family, and our future.


Mary Unterreiner

Mary Unterreiner, Executive Director

Thank you for helping make 2019
an impactful year for   The Boone Conservancy
Together we created the Lee  Birding Trail at Conservancy Park and celebrated TBC's 20th anniversary with a fabulous event at Little Britain Carriage House. 150 people came together to support and celebrate our agency and it's mission that night.  Thank you for a wonderful 2019 and we look forward to more conservation and community in 2020.

Join us for Trunk a Tree!

Get your tree seedlings to reforest Northern Kentucky on your own terms.  River Birch, Willow Oak, Eastern Redbud and  Silky Dogwoods will be available for free!

All tree types are native to this area. This event is first come, first serve.

Date: Saturday, April 24th, 2021
Time: 9:00am - 11:00am
Location: Campbell County Public Library (Newport Branch)
901 E 6th Street, Newport, KY 41071